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Warranty Terms

  1. Baltic Data provides 2 years warranty for all products sold to end-customers in accordance with the law of the Republic of Latvia.
  2. Warranty is valid if you can show:
  • purchase receipt (note, check or voucher);
  • the manufacturer or dealer warranty card (in case a manufacturer or distributor of goods has included one in the package).
  1. The manufacturer's warranty is void if:
  • the product has a mechanical damage;
  • product has warranty seals or serial number damages or you have tried to fix product yourself;
  • damage is caused by natural disasters (floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquakes);
  • damage is caused by foreign object, liquid, insects in the device etc.;
  • if you have used a non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts, as well as non-original raw materials (cartridges, toners, etc.) which are not certified by the manufacturer for use with the specified product, and it has caused damage to the product;
  • damage is caused by nutrient-voltage, telecommunications, because of non-compliance of cable networks with the standards of the manufacturer, because of the rapid temperature fluctuations, as well as other domestic and external factors (soot, smoke, dust, moisture);
  • regular service maintenance was not performed (applicable to the goods to which that is needed, e.g. cleaning your computer from dust, etc.)
  • product is used in the manufacturing or business purposes (if a particular product is not intended for such purposes).
  1. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover any type of data loss in storage media: CD/DVD/Blu-Ray matrices, flash drives, memory cards, hard drives etc., which have arisen or which may arise as a result of the above-mentioned media damage (direct or indirect). Baltic Data Ltd. is not responsible for data loss in storage media bought from Baltic Data. Customer is responsible to take care of its data security and perform regular data backups.
  2. 2 year warranty does not apply to raw materials, such as printer ink, toner, laptop, mobile phone and all kinds of batteries, raw materials, and all the type of goods that are subject to natural wear.
  3. Please take care of your data security before bringing your device to the service. Service center does not guarantee data backup after the repair, data backup copies are the responsibility of the customer. 
  4. Baltic Data is not responsible for software installed on the client computer, tablet or smartphone.
  5. In case the product does not work correctly, you have the following possibilities:
  • For faster process, turn directly to the manufacturer's authorized service center (do not forget purchase receipt - check, receipt, invoice and warranty card);
  • You are welcome to take the product to our service center in Riga, Deglava Street 50 at working days from 9.00 to 18.00 or to any Baltic Data store (do not forget purchase receipt check, receipt or invoice and warranty card).
  1. Non-compliance with the terms of the contract (defect) shall be remedied within a reasonable time.
  2. We can deliver repaired product to your desired location in accordance to delivery pricelist. If you want to use this service, please, call to our service center by telephone 29188316. Baltic Data assumes no responsibility for the damage caused during the transportation if it is not performed by Baltic Data.

If you have any questions, please call us 29188316 and our service experts will recommend the best solution.



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